About RMT


A Commitment to Workplace Safety for Over 25 Years

Inspired by the experiences of his father, Research Chemist, Dean Apostolou set out to change industry attitudes to the safety and well-being of people. Risk Management Technologies (RMT) was established in 1987 to forge new online models of managing risk and performance in today’s organisations.

With extensive international public health and management experience, Dean recognised a discrepancy in the way risk was being managed by industry. He noted that while there were ad hoc systems to manage health and safety risk, the value of the data was lost in isolated, dysfunctional silos. RMT sought to develop products that bridged the gap between the old culture of gathering information in silos and new thinking that required one integrated system to drive processes transparently up and down the organisation.

The result is a suite of two products which leverage cutting-edge, web-based technology to make information easily accessible throughout your organisation and bring to bear powerful intuitive tools to give you critical insight into your business’ risks and a strategic advantage in managing them.

Today, ChemAlert is recognised as one of the world’s most respected chemical safety management software packages, and is supported by a comprehensive suite of services and support for clients around the world.

First Priority is an enterprise-wide risk management framework of active risk and incident process monitoring designed to discover weaknesses in critical controls. This strategy enables organisations to monitor the effectiveness of critical controls and set tolerance levels to meet their risk appetite.

Our Values


A Tradition of Safety
You cannot buy tradition. It must be something you have always done and will always do. It will have its myths, its failures and triumphs, but above all it will stand as a testament to you and to those who joined with you in the struggle to achieve your goals. 
At RMT, we are in the business of helping companies create a tradition of safety with systems which ensure that safety becomes and remains a critical focus in every work place, at all times. 
With improved productivity and reduced costs, the sustainable rewards are as obvious as they are profound. We provide a range of tools and services designed to encourage all employees to view safety as an integral part of every task, and to seek safer and more productive ways of working.

RMT has helped many companies develop and implant safer systems of work. We have joined with our clients as they have strived to create a workplace where, to quote one client “…the employee must leave work as healthy, if not healthier, than when they arrived”. And we have shared success, in achieving increases in profitability, productivity and employee well being.

A tradition of safety:
  • Acknowledges the great distance we have covered in making the work place safer and more productive. But it also understands the great journey that still lies ahead
  • Recognises the danger of becoming complacent. We must always be vigilant and seek out safer, more productive way of working
  • Gives us the confidence to question past practices, irrespective of how successful they may have been
  • Demonstrates to all that there is always a better way